Insane Clown Posse Oz Tour 2013!

Posted by kraven on 2 December 2013

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The clowns are finally making their way back under! After 10 long years, presented by KillRockStar BigDog Entertainment, this month there will be a full blown Oz tour featuring Boondox, Big Hoodoo and our very own home grown KidCrusher!

Get your tickets at your local venue (listed below) or at Oztix, you won't want to miss this!


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Monsters Ball 2012

Posted by Lotus on 29 September 2012

What's up all! As you all know Monsters Ball 2012 is just around the corner & this is some exciting shit!!! It's that time of year to dress up,dress down & dress sideways and go out and be us.

This year is going to be great fun, the dinner alone should be a blast. Most of you know by now that it is encouraged to dress up and have fun with it, i have seen some ideas already & let me tell you that it is fucking unreal! I urge you all to put in the effort & dress up.

We got some crazy latex shit happening that will no doubt look of the hook, some old school clockwork orange happening... there is even talk of Super troopers happening!

Shit is going to be a blast, again i urge you all to have fun with it & come as crazy as you like... The more peopple we get dressing up, the more fun it ill be, always a good idea to hit up op shops for crazy clothing, cheap and often funny :D

Sydney Juggalos Monsters Ball 2012


Love you all! Peace


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Rayzed Hoodz

Posted by Lotus on 25 September 2012

Hey guys, Thought i'd better let you know about a wicked underground duo that call them self Rayzed Hoodz! These guys have been putting in work for a while now & they have an album almost ready to drop!! I know these two guys personally & work with both of them, madest, wickedest, funny fuckers! Ian (316) and Liam (Raskal) are top guys, and will hopefully be dropping in to our 2012 Monsters Ball to cause trouble with us all! At the moment talks are happening about hooking up a show feat. Nutkaze, Rayzed Hoodz... so on Will get back to you all on that one :) for now you can go and check out Rayzed Hoodz Facebook page and show em some SJ love! You can find it in the Music section in the Forum :)


Peace all.



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Whoop Whoop

Posted by darknoise on 13 September 2012

Heres a Post. now the front page doesnt look shit :)


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Sorry for the DownTime

Posted by darknoise on 28 March 2012

Hey Guys, Sites back up, my bad.

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Posted by darknoise on 2 March 2012

hey all. migrating host today - site might be unavailable for a bit

so just relax.

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Nutkaze - The Duality Mixtape Vol.2

Posted by kraven on 22 February 2012

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Nutkaze Logo

The Duality Mixtape Vol.2 is HERE!

Check out the thread in the music section for more info!

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Chips, The Mixed Tape

Posted by darknoise on 20 January 2012

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Check it out, Chips the mixtape is here! download now and check out the new vids below!


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Chips Mix Tape

Posted by darknoise on 6 December 2011

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My Mang Chips (aka KilloG of BHS) is set to drop a mixtape on January 1st.

Some wickedness is coming up on this one, and a few tracks that might come as a suprise
I caught a sneak preview on saturday night, and my wig hit the ceiling

Chips (Killo’G from Bald Head Scallywags) has been working on a solo project in the last few months experimenting on different types of hip hop, rap, Hard-core and Wicked Shit. Mixing and recreating some of his favorite old and new school tracks, (some from an old mixtape found in the bottom of a box when moving). This was meant to be a private album for him and his homies but after receiving lots of positive feedback from friends and family he has decided to release it to the public to see what the response will be like.This is a Mixtape and not a LP as most of the beats are jacked. (Rydas style) It was a lot of fun making it and I hope who ever downloads it will enjoy it as well, PEACE

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Kid Crusher - The Naughty List!

Posted by darknoise on 5 December 2011

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Christmas is almost here and all my homies are on the naughty list.

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